A basket full of dolls

A basket full of dolls
A basket full of dolls

Well, all my dolls came to me "somehow". 

They needed a home and I adopted them.


I am not the sort of collector who leaves a doll in the box with the original clothes on and a certificate.


My dolls want to be dressed by me and they demand new clothes all the time.


Although most of them have a little mistake they are beautiful models.

I love them to bits.

Boneka Effner dolls

Diana Effner is a well known doll designer who paints the most stunning eyes.

Diana designed a 10" doll called the "Tuesday Child" for the Boneka dollfashion company. They are factory painted and the painters have been trained by Dianna personally.

Three of them came into my house and live with their friends in my basket. I love to change their wigs and give them their very own personality.

They own a wonderful shoe collection. All their shoes are real leather shoes from Boneka Company.

Little Darling by Dianna Effner

IMO Dianna Effner is THE dollartist of the 21st century! As soon you have seen one of her handpainted dolls you can't help fall in love with them. 13" Little Darling is the big sister of 10" Boneka doll and there is a huge international community of ladie who collect Little Darlings. They come in different molds. My LD is mold No. 1 and I was lucky to get an Artist's sample which was originally not ment to be for sale. Lucky lucky me!

Heidi Plusczok dolls

Heidi Plusczok is a well known doll designer located in Germany.

Her dolls come in various sizes. They have beautiful glass eyes and mohair wigs.


Some of her beauties live in my basket:

One 8.5” I named Promise. She came as a patient. She had a big slit going over the whole face from her nose to the neck. The best hubby of all repaired her with glue and after her surgery it is nearly invisible.

I also have three 10.5” girls, who like to model my creations.

And last but not least there is a beautiful 12” girl with an Indonesian mold.

Ann Estelle and friends by Robert Tonner

I felt in love with 10” Linda McCall since I saw her picture the first time in a doll dressing book by Rosemarie Ionker. This little creature spoke directly to my heart and whipered: “I want to live with you”


To cut a long story short: Linda came to me by a swap with the “mother of my heart” and it was a big surprise that I found a travel companion Michael in the box when I unpacked her.


Ann Estelle and friends are the biggest gang in my collection with Ann Estelle, Sophie, Gracie, Linda McCall, Georgia, Michael and Peter. They are the perfect 10 to sew for.

Betsy McCall by Robert Tonner

14” Barbara McCall and Jane make wonderful big sisters to Ann Estelle and friends.

The little ladies are a gift from my friend Marlis in USA. Like all my girls they speak English and German as well and like all Teenagers they like to dress and style.


“Thank you Marlis for sending us to Claudia. We love to be here and Claudia appreciates our company.”


I am blessed with wonderful friends.

Riley by Helen Kish

7” Riley is my smallest doll and my biggest challenge to sew for. It needs much experience to choose the right fabric and pattern. Soon it happens that a dress looks too bulky on that tiny girl.


Riley travelled home with me after a visit in UK. She is a gift from my wonderful friend Diane.


Thank you Diane for your friendship.

Chrysalis by Helen Kish

14” Ann is my latest adoption. Another precious little face by Helen Kish. With her figure and joints she is more like a teanager.

She came to me for modelling a special Alice Liddel outfit I was asked to sew in spring 2015. As soon she jumped out of the package I felt in love with her.

I am doing the happy dance that Alice will stay with me and the girls.

Sasha dolls by Sasha Morgenthaler

My 16" Sasha doll is on loan and a permanent user in our apartment sharing community.

Originally it is the boy Gregor whom I wigged to make him look like a girl. A little bit of powder and gloss does wonders.

Sasha dolls have nice proportions to sew for and they have their own enchanting body language.

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