Playing alone is half the fun.


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Doll groups

I am a well known member of various yahoo doll groups.

Join us to chitchat about your dolls, their dresses, shoes and props and share pictures with us.

The lifes and times of Ann Estelle


There are wonderful creative ladies out there. On this page you can read the story about the Firefly girls of the world., founded by Roberta, Andrea and Claudia J. (my mother of the heart). I am proud that my Ann Estelle gang is Troop No. 4, the only german troop. If you want to read something about the adventures of my troop check out "Show and tell"

Boneka Doll Fashion


The most beautiful doll shoes made from real leather can be found at Boneka Doll Fashions. Claudia Ionker also has wonderful accessories and  if you want to give a Boneka/Effner doll a new home make sure to check her website. Of course Boneka sells the most wimpsical doll dresses created by the one and only Rosemarie Ionker.

Heidi Plusczok Dolls


Heidi creates a new collection every year. Check out her website with beautiful dolls in various sizes and beautiful outfits created by the second to none Rosemarie Ionker.

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